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Filter Designs

Filter designs approached us to create an explainer video that incorporates the various complexities of the design process, without overwhelming the viewer. It was important to us to use original footage and avoid the over-use of text where possible. This makes the video more enjoyable to watch and easier for the viewer to get the message. This also ensures the viewer can understand what is happening, with or without the voiceover playing. We were granted access to a client’s manufacturing site (Jotun Ltd), in order to see one of the industrial filters in action. We also interviewed their client to record a testimonial. Because the video explains the process of making a filter, from the design stage through to manufacturing, we visited one of Filter Design’s main fabricators. We filmed the workers in action and interviewed the Director of Filter Designs, surrounded by metal and machines. Finally, we used animation to reinforce the explanation of how the filters work.

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