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Soo Yoga

Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen are the founders of Soo Yoga. They have realised their vision to create a different type of leisure environment whereby people can improve their fitness and overall wellbeing in a family friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. They wanted a video to introduce potential members to their unique concept and encourage visitors to the centre and see how it could benefit them. We used one of Soo Yoga’s studio spaces to film interviews with Kristina, staff and existing members. The video included a tour element, whereby we filmed the key locations of the centre. We also shot a fun yoga pose sequence to ensure the video was highly visual. The biggest challenge for us on the day was working around the centre’s class schedule and tight timeframe. We had just four hours to do everything and because the centre was open, we did not have free access to staff or the spaces. We quickly created a shoot schedule on the day, so we did not interrupt the staff or members. The result was two short promotional videos plus a handful of mini edits to keep a consistent presence on Facebook and Instagram.

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